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Setting up a new merchant account is extremely simple, though there are a few different types of merchant accounts netPark can work with, utilizing both End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE) credit card devices and EMV credit card devices:

  • Retail Merchant Account: Payment processing for your in-person credit card payments at your physical facility.
    • EMV Retail Merchant Account: The same as above but only certain processors are supported; See for a list of EMV certificated processors by verifying there is a check-mark under the “EMV” column.
  • eCommerce Merchant Account: Payment processing for any online transactions through your facilities website or loyalty app.
  • Kiosk Merchant Account: Payment processing for any unattended payment solutions, such as pay-in-lane self-park equipment.
  • EMV Unattended Kiosk Merchant Account: The same as the above but requires either as First Data North (aka Cardnet) or First Data Nashville North (ask Envoy via EDC) merchant account.
  • Monthly Merchant Account: Payment processing for any recurring/contract parkers at your facility.
    • Note: You do not NEED a monthly merchant account to process recurring/contract parkers, as those payments can be funneled through your Retail Merchant Account, but some processors may offer a better rate for a dedicated Monthly Merchant Account.

Merchant accounts MUST be configured for TERMINAL CAPTURE (not host capture). netPark also has no need for any web portals, since all batch reports are available within the netPark system.

Below is some additional information about Monetra:

To configure netPark for one of these processors, we will need the processor’s VAR sheet (or merchant setup sheet or parameter sheet). Individual VAR sheets may be downloaded by clicking on the paper icon next to the relevant processor at We can use VAR sheets provided by the processors, if they contain all the same fields that the Monetra sheets have.

Some common missing information that will delay the setup process is:

  • Chase Paymentech: Net Connect user name & password required
  • First Date: Datawire ID is required (Self-Registering is acceptable). Rapid Connect® will not work!!!
  • If a VAR sheet has fields for Federal Tax ID #, this must be included before the batch will settle.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your merchant account(s), please contact your netPark Sales Representative.

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