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Redeeming Customer FPP

This article explains how to redeem and how to manage expiring customer FPP Customers can accrue points when making reservations with the account associated with their profile in the netPark system. They can also earn points when they get services offered from your location. Redeeming FPP Points on Client Website If you have the netPark Reservation Modules on your website, customers can actually use their FPP Points while making a reservation. Once this has been set, anytime a customer books a reservation on the website and they have enough points to redeem a free day, adrop-down box will appear where they can select the total number of days they would like to redeem. How to redeem the FPP Coupons:  1. Pull up the ticket 2. Click the CO(U)PONS button 3. You can search for coupons or type in the code or amount manually 4. Selecting the coupon

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