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Markdown Formatting

There are many fields in netPark that support Markdown Formatting. Markdown formatting is a simple way of formatting text without the need of a special editor. Markdown is text-visual, which means that you can determine the format just from seeing the text in its raw format, without seeing the end result. This table shows what the raw text looks like and what the end result looks like. Raw Text Output **bold** bold *italics* italics ~~strikethrough~~ strikethrough # Big Header## Medium Header### Small Header#### Tiny Header Big Header Medium Header Small Header Tiny Header * Generic Item 1* Generic Item 2* Generic Item 3 Bullet Item 1 Bullet Item 2 Bullet Item 3 * Numbered Item 1* Numbered Item 2* Numbered Item 3 Numbered Item 1 Numbered Item 2 Numbered Item 3 [netPark Software, LLC.](https://www.netpark.us) netPark Software, LLC. > This is a quote.> It can


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