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Setting Up Custom Fees and Charges

This article explains the options list and how to create them. How to add Options: 1. Click on Maintenance. 2. Click on Options. 3. Click an existing option or click New Option on the top right. 4. Here you can select specific information like amounts, fees, and if it is mandatory. 5. You can even add it to a particular Parking Zone. You can also export the full list by clicking Options List or export to a csv file by clicking Export Results.

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Overview of Parking Zones

What are a Parking Zones – Parking Zones are a easy way for you to separate customers and areas of parking. Netpark has made the process simple to make sure you have consistency within your parking lot.  Creating a Parking Zone From the Dashboard, click  Maintenance and then Parking Zones.  In this screen, click the green button, +NEW PARKING ZONE A pop-up will appear. In this pop-up will be where information for the Parking Zone is inputed. There will be three tabs of information users will be able to fill out.  Using Parking Zones in netPark In this section we are going to go over the different uses for Parking Zones.  Using Parking Zones with Self-Park devices.  Parking Zones can be used to lock down Self-Park Devices. This means that only vehicles can only come in if they have a ticket, card or reservation associated to

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Parking Zones in Customer Accounts

Setting up Parking Zones for Customer Accounts Parking Zones are a great way to differentiate your customer accounts and make sure they enter their correct areas of parking.  To set up the Parking Zone, go into the Accounts section of netPark and select the customer that you want to add a Parking Zone to. Then select the Rates & Discounts tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on + Add Parking Zone. Make sure the Parking Zone is set up in advance. To learn how to create a parking zone, click here.   Select the parking zone and then any other values that are necessary.  When completed, click the Blue Check Box and save the customer. How Parking Zones work with Customer Accounts If a location has self-park devices these parking zones can lock down the self-park devices and only allow customers with

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