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Prepaid Accounts and Cards

This article gives a brief overview of the Prepaid screens and how to setup prepaid accounts & cards. Prepaid Cards are pre-purchased blocks of days for future use on tickets. Prepaid Account Screen How to use the Prepaid Account Screen: Click Register>Gift Cards and Prepaid Accounts How to Load a Prepaid Account: When clicking on the load action, you will be taken to a new screen that will allow inventory to be added to an account. In order to create new inventory for a prepaid account, users will need to go to Maintenance, then Prepaid Inventory Maintenance. Users will be able to enable and disable inventory in this section. Creating a New Prepaid Account To create a new account, click Register>Gift Cards and Prepaid Accounts>Add Account  Blue fields are the only required fields that must be filled in. It is suggested to fill out as much information as you can. You can click Dismiss to delete

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Gift Card Management

This article gives a brief overview of the gift card screens and how to setup gift cards. They are pre-purchased dollars for future use on tickets. Gift Cards In the Gift Cards screen, users can see a list of all gift cards in the system. Users can get a log or export a log of all prepaid cards by clicking on the blue Gift Card Log or Export Results. Users can also get information of a single user and perform various tasks by clicking the green “Actions” button.. Gift Cards Maintenance Screen   If you do not have a Gift Card option please contact for further assistance. 1. Click Register 2. Click on Gift Card & Prepaid Accounts 3. You can load, refund, and credit gift cards that are already in the system 4. You can also add a new one by clicking New Gift

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