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Gift Card Management

This article gives a brief overview of the gift card screens and how to setup gift cards. They are pre-purchased dollars for future use on tickets. Gift Cards In the Gift Cards screen, users can see a list of all gift cards in the system. Users can get a log or export a log of all prepaid cards by clicking on the blue Gift Card Log or Export Results. Users can also get information of a single user and perform various tasks by clicking the green “Actions” button.. Gift Cards Maintenance Screen   If you do not have a Gift Card option please contact for further assistance. 1. Click Register 2. Click on Gift Card & Prepaid Accounts 3. You can load, refund, and credit gift cards that are already in the system 4. You can also add a new one by clicking New Gift

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Close Ticket Screen

What is the Close Ticket Screen The close ticket screen is where users can go to add or edit information; or close a ticket. Users can add or edit a customer, resrvation, validation, discount, coupon, different options, & the tip.   Closing a Ticket From the dashboard, users will need to type in the ticket number and click the Close button. Within this screen users will see all the ticket information. Depending on the permissions of the user, there will be different blue buttons that are titled correspond to what each button does. For more information go to:  To take a payment, click on the blue Payment button. This will bring up a pop-up that will give users different options for payment.  For Credit Card: If you have nP pay and you are taking payment with CC, you will have to select the terminal. Click

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Reset Uniterm for HTK/CTK

1. Get into service mode a. Get HTK/CTK into Administrative mode: 1. CTK – Open up device and flip switch to “Program” 2. HTK – Put key in program mode (key is up and down vertically and “clicks”) b. Login with 00 for ID and 12345 for Pass c. Hit “Service Mode” d. Select “Service Mode Reboot” c. Enter password “51You92Up” for Hamilton Administrator Account 2. Login to Windows when Service Mode Reboot finishes a. Select “Hamilton Administrator” and enter password “51You92Up” 3. Once logged in, try to start a remote session to netPark a. Go to and download & run netPark Remote Support tool b. If successful, netPark will take over from 4+. If not, continue with 4+ yourself 4. Go to the Start Menu and run “File Explorer” 5. Navigate to: c:\Hamilton\Utilities\EMV\uniterm\bin 6. Run “uniterm.exe” (might be displayed as “uniterm |

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Validations Validations are a great way for businesses to give their customers a way to pay for parking. In certain situations you will want to put up kiosk for customers to scan their validation before they leave the lot so that they do not have to pay on the way out. By implementing a validator app you can achieve just that. The netPark Validator is a customer-facing kiosk app to be used in conjunction with the netPark PARCS system for vehicle parking facilities. The app is designed with a simple single-screen interface for an iPad mounted on a lobby wall within an Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab M scanning device. They can also view the count of remaining available validations for all affiliate companies. Customers approach the device and scan barcodes on their parking lot or garage tickets to validate them. After scanning the ticket,

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