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Reporting in NetPark

The Reports and Accounting Screens are used to display all reports within netPark Both screens are identical: The separate naming structure is used strictly for permission purposes. By allowing users to access only specific screens, you can limit the reports they have access to. Click the name of a report below see the breakdown of each report and what they do. Report Screen Company List – List of companies based on defined parameters The Company List allows users to generate a list of companies from within netPark Multiple variables can be set to narrow down the information contained in the report Generated reports can be in the following formats: PDFCSV (Excel)Working with the Company List Screen Company List ScreenVia the Main Menu click on Reports and then click Company List Include – These radio buttons allow users to select the types of companies displayed:ActiveDisabledAllSort by

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netPark Desktop Application
Getting Started

Installing the Desktop Application

The netPark Desktop Application is Windows-based application that simplifies the process of getting started with netPark. The application provides all of the drivers needed to access hardware as well as a built in PDF view for viewing reports. Each installation of an application generates a unique key that can be associated with one or multiple netPark locations to provide access and can be revoked at any time if needed.

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