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To start, visit this link in order to get the latest version. If you are not installing drivers, un-select the “Install Drivers” option during installation. Once the application has finished installing, you’ll be taken to the “activation” screen. This will present you with a 12-character key that needs to be entered in to the Access & API screen in netPark.

Once the key has been entered you’ll see the page refresh to show your netPark location. Click the link and you will be taken to the login page.

Note: The Desktop Application can be associated with multiple locations. Add the key to each location you wish the application to have access to.

To learn more about the desktop application settings check out the Desktop Application Configuration page.


There are a few support tools built into the desktop application. The () indicates your connection to the netPark servers, while () indicates your Internet connection status. If you can reach the Internet, but cannot reach netPark it’s possible that netPark is currently offline. There are times where your ISP is unable to reach netPark, but netPark is still online. If you are unsure if this is the case, visit our Status Page for real-time updates.

In the application menu () there are two additional links that can be useful working with support. The Remote Support link will automatically activate our TeamViewer application which allows us to remote in to the computer and troubleshoot issues. The Send Logs link sends all of the logs associated with the application. Only send logs when requested by support.

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