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Modifying Reservation Rates

Modifying Reservation Rates

– If a rate for your website or a third party website needs to be changed, you will make the change in the same place that Reservation Rates are created. To learn how to create a new Reservation Rate revision, click here.  – Revisions are rates and date spans that are set up by the location.  1. From the dashboard click on Maintenance-> Reservation Rates. 2. Select the source that needs the change made. 3. Click on the blue pencil to bring up the “editing quotes revision” pop-up 4. Within this pop-up users will be able to change the rate, display name and whether or not it is pre-pay.  5. If you want to delete just a single rate from a revision, click on the red trashcan.  6. If you want to change the rate, display name, change the pre-pay and add notes, click on

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Inventory Screen

What is the Inventory Screen? The Inventory Screen is used to keep track of the the locations tickets and will show opened & closed tickets. As seen below, the inventory screen gives users different information on tickets with different parameters and actions that can be performed. How to use the Inventory Screen The Inventory screen is simple and easy to navigate. Users will be able to search for tickets in the search bar of the inventory screen. This search can be narrowed down to different parameters, the green buttons listed as: Search Only By, Choose Filter & Limit to Parking Zone. These are simply means to make searching more precise and are not necessary for the screen to function. There are also four check-boxes, Email, Reservation, Notes & Car Requested. Within the search are three actions that users can do, Close, Edit & Locate. Each

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Promo Code Guide

What is A Promo Code Looking to provide customers with the ability to save on your website or provide savings for a reservation in netPark? Below is information on Promo Codes. Promo Codes, in netPark, are used to provide savings to customers who booked a reservation. These Promo Codes can be used in a number of ways within netPark as well as on a website.   How to Create a Promo Code In order to create a Promo Code, a Coupon, Discount, or Rate must be created first. (Link to each guide here) Note: It is recommended that a specific Coupon, Discount, or Rate be created for a promo code for better tracking purposes. Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Maintenance, then Promo Codes. Step 2: In Promo Codes users will click on + Add Promo Code. Step 3: This popup users will have

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Creating A Rate

The netPark interface allows users to create and customize rates.
Rates can be tied to reservations, customer accounts, tickets, and for websites.
The rates in netPark can be customized to suit the needs of a location.
Dynamic Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:
Cutover Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:

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Creating A Promo Code

The netPark interface allows users to create promo codes that can be used on the website and within the netPark reservation system.
Promo Codes must be tied to a coupon, discount, or rate.
Promo Codes can also be tied to a company.
Promo Codes can only be used on exit for self park devices.

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Creating a Discount

The netPark interface allows users to create discounts that can be applied to tickets
Discounts are percentage based.
Discounts can be used in the open and close screens, be used in a customer account, and be tied to a promo code to be used on a website.
Discounts can also be used to go to a different rate.

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Creating A Coupon

The netPark interface allows users to create coupons that can be applied to tickets.
Coupons do not work on the website unless they are tied to a promo code and are only available in the open and close screens.
Coupons redeem days or an amount. CANNOT BE BOTH!

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netPark Desktop Application
Getting Started

Installing the Desktop Application

The netPark Desktop Application is Windows-based application that simplifies the process of getting started with netPark. The application provides all of the drivers needed to access hardware as well as a built in PDF view for viewing reports. Each installation of an application generates a unique key that can be associated with one or multiple netPark locations to provide access and can be revoked at any time if needed.

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