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  • – If a rate for your website or a third party website needs to be changed, you will make the change in the same place that Reservation Rates are created. To learn how to create a new Reservation Rate revision, click here
  • Revisions are rates and date spans that are set up by the location. 

1. From the dashboard click on Maintenance-> Reservation Rates.

2. Select the source that needs the change made.

3. Click on the blue pencil to bring up the “editing quotes revision” pop-up

4. Within this pop-up users will be able to change the rate, display name and whether or not it is pre-pay. 

5. If you want to delete just a single rate from a revision, click on the red trashcan. 

6. If you want to change the rate, display name, change the pre-pay and add notes, click on the blue pencil to the right or simply make the changes in the edit quotes revision. 

7. To delete the whole revision, including all rates, click on the “delete revision” button. This will remove all rates from that revision

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