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How To Maintain Stalls

Maintaining Stalls inside of netPark is an easy and hassle-free process that allows you to assign stalls to customers to keep them parking at the same spot over and over again. Our Stall feature is built to be integrated with our recurring system so that you can ensure a recurring customer always has a spot. Using our Stall feature will allow you to be able to see when a recurring parker is on the lot when they are off the lot, and when you have available spacing directly from our Stall Maintenance screen or on the Dashboard using our Stall Inventory Widget. Creating Stall(s) The first step in learning how to set up stalls is by making sure you are set up to do so. Make sure you have parking zones set up as well as recurring rate groups that are attached to said

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Condo Management System

The Condo Management System provides an easy to use method to allow condo owners and management companies the ability to manage their available parking spaces for guests staying at their condos, utilizing our Parking Pass System. The system is configured to allow you to manage Units, Individual Owner-Operators and Management Companies, as well as provide access to various personnel who should have the ability to manage these properties. Groups and Companies will have individual Accounts associated with them that allow those individuals to login the website interface and create Parking Passes for their guests, who then have the ability to login to the website themselves and pay for their parking. This guide provides a quick guide on how to setup and manage the backend system powering the Condo Management System. Creating and Managing Groups & Companies The first step of setting up a new

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Automated Reporting

Welcome to Automated Reporting! This is your one stop shop to sending scheduled report emails to any number of emails. With this new screen, you will be able to specify exactly what report parameters you would like, and exactly what frequency you would like to have the report sent to you on a normal timed schedule. This is perfect if you find yourself running a specific report hourly, daily, monthly, or even yearly. Follow this guide if you want to get started!

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Markdown Formatting

There are many fields in netPark that support Markdown Formatting. Markdown formatting is a simple way of formatting text without the need of a special editor. Markdown is text-visual, which means that you can determine the format just from seeing the text in its raw format, without seeing the end result. This table shows what the raw text looks like and what the end result looks like. Raw Text Output **bold** bold *italics* italics ~~strikethrough~~ strikethrough # Big Header## Medium Header### Small Header#### Tiny Header Big Header Medium Header Small Header Tiny Header * Generic Item 1* Generic Item 2* Generic Item 3 Bullet Item 1 Bullet Item 2 Bullet Item 3 * Numbered Item 1* Numbered Item 2* Numbered Item 3 Numbered Item 1 Numbered Item 2 Numbered Item 3 [netPark Software, LLC.]( netPark Software, LLC. > This is a quote.> It can

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Getting Started

Creating a Survey

Surveys are a great way for Locations to get feedback from customers.
Surveys can be created to ask a multitude of questions and can be personalized to the locations preferences.
These surveys can be sent out to the customers and displayed on your website.
Locations will need to contact Support or Sales

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Event Parking

– The netPark Event app is an add-on feature of the netPark system that can be used in situations where transient parkers information is not necessary. It excels in high volume situations by rapidly generating tickets.  Event App Capabilites – Ticket Generation: Users can auto-generate tickets and use pre-printed tickets. You will need a linea pro or camera capabilites to use pre-printed tickets – Payment Types Credit Cards (using Linea Pro encrypted credit card reader) Cash (logged for deposit tracking) Prepaid reservations and vouchers Loyalty accounts (prepayments or on-file payment method) Company accounts (AR billing for employees) Adjustments (using barcodes) – Configuration Multi- facility support Multiple parking zones & rates Paper reciepts (Using Zebra bluetooth Printer) Email reciepts (For customer loyalty accounts, inc. multiple reciepts) SMS text messages – Administration  Inventory counts Current day transaction counts User Admin (enable/disable ; lock/unlock) Status print out

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MVS Menu Setup

– The MVS menu is built to fit the needs to your valet location. Any changes will be live immedietly. – The MVS app is available to any location and will need to be discussed with sales to use the app.  Set up & Explaniation of Capabilities – From the dasboard, click on Maintenance -> Operations App Settings. The first tab, General, controls both the MVS and Event Apps and there are only a few settings that both will have in common. the Event App is a different, stand alone app. Information can be found here. The second tab, MVS, controls what can be done in the MVS app. The first section, allows you to choose which fields display in the open ticket process. These fields can be a requirement  if you check the corresponding box. The second section, allows you to choose which fields

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Time Validations

This article explains how to create Time Validations and what they are Time Validations are used to give customers free parking for a certain period of time. These Validations can be used only during certain times and days that are set up within netPark. These validations can also be linked to UVG’s making them one time use only.  Explanation of Validations The Duration is the amount of time in hours of parking that is covered.  The Start and End times are the hours when the validation can cover parking.  As stated in Validations Maintenance “By default, validations apply to end of stay. For Hourly Grid Rates, check “System Settings->Rate Calculation->Validate First Hours” to apply to beginning of stay.” When a validation is created it can be used an unlimited amount of times within the timeframes that are set.  Creating Time Validations 1. From the

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User Roles and Permissions

This article shows and explains the different permissions in each group You need to be able to be able to limit permissions of some users. Not every user should have access to everything in the system.  How to edit permissions: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Users 3. Select the User to add to a group or select Groups 4. Once in the User account you can select the drop down and choose the group you want to apply  Note: If you want you can choose entire groups ex: Manager, Administrator. Or you can choose individual permissions in each section. Different permission types: Security Permissions Here you will see a list of user groups. You select a premade group so it auto assigns them the permissions that come with that group. General Permissions This is where you can allow users to get permissions for Customers,

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