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This article shows and explains the different permissions in each group

You need to be able to be able to limit permissions of some users. Not every user should have access to everything in the system. 

How to edit permissions:

1. Click Maintenance

2. Click Users

3. Select the User to add to a group or select Groups

4. Once in the User account you can select the drop down and choose the group you want to apply 

Note: If you want you can choose entire groups ex: Manager, Administrator. Or you can choose individual permissions in each section.

Different permission types:

Here you will see a list of user groups. You select a premade group so it auto assigns them the permissions that come with that group.

This is where you can allow users to get permissions for Customers, Reservations, and Tickets.

Here is where you find permissions to edit approve, decline, credit or void invoices, take recurring payments, transfer, view invoices, and edit the waiting list.

This is where you can allow or take away any permissions related to the register, from taking payments and refunds, to voiding transactions.  

This is where you can select what groups have access to different parts of the Maintenance screen. It is highly suggested to separate the Managers from Cashiers.

This section is where you can edit access and permissions in the Valet, Mobile, Damage Tracker, and Self Park areas.

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