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This article explains how to create Time Validations and what they are

Time Validations are used to give customers free parking for a certain period of time. These Validations can be used only during certain times and days that are set up within netPark. These validations can also be linked to UVG’s making them one time use only. 

Explanation of Validations

  • The Duration is the amount of time in hours of parking that is covered. 
  • The Start and End times are the hours when the validation can cover parking. 
  • As stated in Validations Maintenance “By default, validations apply to end of stay. For Hourly Grid Rates, check “System Settings->Rate Calculation->Validate First Hours” to apply to beginning of stay.”
  • When a validation is created it can be used an unlimited amount of times within the timeframes that are set. 

Creating Time Validations

1. From the dashboard, click on Maintenance then Validations.

2. Click on + NEW VALIDATION to go into the Validations Maintenance screen. 

3. Set the code & description, select the start & end date and put in the duration and days the validation will work and finally the start an end times, or hours, the validations will be able to work during.

4. If need be the validation can be linked to a “UVG” by clicking on the “link to UVG” checkbox.

  • This means that the validations are one time use only. These are created in UVG Maintenance. 

5. To disable the Validation, simply click the Disable Validation

  • This validation will no longer be available for any tickets, including already opened tickets. 

Below is a video going over the process to create validations.

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