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Mass Ticket Update

The Mass Ticket Update tool allows users to manage tickets in bulk. They can be closed or deleted. It is recommended to never delete tickets unless you are resetting a site. It should be considered a last option. How to use the Mass Ticket Update tool: 1 Login to Netpark and click Register 2 Click Mass Ticket Update 3 Select the date range you wish to edit (it is suggested to go at least two weeks back to less likely affect current tickets.) 4 Select the tickets you want to edit 5 Select Perform Action in the bottom right 6 Choose your desired action 7 You may receive a pop up asking for a note. It is important to fill this out as it will show in reports later.  8 After completion some tickets may not have adjusted. Each ticket will have notes in

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Time Validations

This article explains how to create Time Validations and what they are Time Validations are used to give customers free parking for a certain period of time. These Validations can be used only during certain times and days that are set up within netPark. These validations can also be linked to UVG’s making them one time use only.  Explanation of Validations The Duration is the amount of time in hours of parking that is covered.  The Start and End times are the hours when the validation can cover parking.  As stated in Validations Maintenance “By default, validations apply to end of stay. For Hourly Grid Rates, check “System Settings->Rate Calculation->Validate First Hours” to apply to beginning of stay.” When a validation is created it can be used an unlimited amount of times within the timeframes that are set.  Creating Time Validations 1. From the

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UVG Validations

The Unique Voucher Generator or UVG, allows users to create special vouchers within netPark Creating A New Voucher Group 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Unique Voucher Generator 2. Click the “New Voucher Group” Button in the top right of the screen These vouchers are one time use and can be used to: Apply a Coupon Apply a Discount Validate parking Create a Groupon Vouchers are redeemed via the Close Ticket Screen Note: when printing, make sure that there isn’t any sort of setting that is attempting to scale or “fit” the PDF. This can cause alignment issues when printing to the cards UVG Breakdown Voucher Codes – These codes are 12 digits. Some may need leading 0’s added. Search Field – users can search for specific vouchers by voucher details Display Selector – users can select how many vouchers they want displayed per page in the results Voucher Search Details – users

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Options Options are a great way to add extra revenue charges to a customer ticket within netPark. Options can be used for charges like a carwash or oil change service. They can also be used to as an additional revenue field. How to create Options To create Options in netPark, you will want to start from the Maintenance tab on the left hand side of netPark. From there you will find the Options button from there. Step 1: Once on the Options screen, on the far right hand side you can find the New Option button. Step 2: From the New Option screen, the first step is to give the option a name. Step 3: This step will involve setting a price for your option. This can be a flat fee or a daily fee that is added in to the ticket. Step 4:

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Promo Code Guide

What is A Promo Code Looking to provide customers with the ability to save on your website or provide savings for a reservation in netPark? Below is information on Promo Codes. Promo Codes, in netPark, are used to provide savings to customers who booked a reservation. These Promo Codes can be used in a number of ways within netPark as well as on a website.   How to Create a Promo Code In order to create a Promo Code, a Coupon, Discount, or Rate must be created first. (Link to each guide here) Note: It is recommended that a specific Coupon, Discount, or Rate be created for a promo code for better tracking purposes. Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Maintenance, then Promo Codes. Step 2: In Promo Codes users will click on + Add Promo Code. Step 3: This popup users will have

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Working with Groupon

There are many ways to get the word out about your location and Groupon is a great way to bring people in. Groupons can be a very useful option for our clients, however for them to be most effective for your lot and your customers there is a specific setup that must be followed.

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Cutover Rates

What are cut-overs and what do they do?
The netPark interface allows users to create something called Cut-over Rates.
Cut-over Rates are rates that can be created to perform a certain action based on the parameters set up in the rate.
Cut-over Rates are one of the ways that a rate can be customized to fit the needs of a location
The cut-overs can be based on Date/Time, Certain Days or Certain Time Limits.

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Creating A Rate

The netPark interface allows users to create and customize rates.
Rates can be tied to reservations, customer accounts, tickets, and for websites.
The rates in netPark can be customized to suit the needs of a location.
Dynamic Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:
Cutover Rates exist as well which a more in depth explanation can be found here:

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Creating A Promo Code

The netPark interface allows users to create promo codes that can be used on the website and within the netPark reservation system.
Promo Codes must be tied to a coupon, discount, or rate.
Promo Codes can also be tied to a company.
Promo Codes can only be used on exit for self park devices.

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Creating a Discount

The netPark interface allows users to create discounts that can be applied to tickets
Discounts are percentage based.
Discounts can be used in the open and close screens, be used in a customer account, and be tied to a promo code to be used on a website.
Discounts can also be used to go to a different rate.

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