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There are many ways to get the word out about your location and Groupon is a great way to bring people in. Groupons can be a very useful option for our clients, however for them to be most effective for your lot and your customers there is a specific setup that must be followed. This page goes over how to set up and implement Groupons in the netPark system.

This process has evolved over the past few years, but here is the newest method for setting up Groupon with a parking facility…

  1. From the Maintenance tab on the left hand side of netPark
  2. Click on Unique Voucher Generator
  3. Create a tax-on-gross, day-based coupon, and link it to the UVG.
  4. On the UVG, create new voucher group for Groupon.
  5. Save and issue the vouchers to CSV Export.
  6. Provide the generated codes to Groupon to load into their system. Groupon will issue one voucher per-day to customers so that they can redeem the coupons and pay in full for any additional days.
  7. Create any necessary Rate or Discount for Groupon within the netPark system. It’s common for multiple to exist that cover different booking periods, like 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, etc., and fall back to another pricing structure after the Groupon period. This can easily be achieved with Advanced Rates that have a flat rate for the billing period and an additional repeating rate afterwards.

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