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Dynamic Rates

This article will explain the dynamic rate process, how to use it, and the options it offers to your rates A dynamic rate is a rate that can change when set variables created by you. This can be blacking out date ranges, changes the rate amount during an extended period of time, and can also be used to set the number of reservations each rate can be booked in the system. How to create a dynamic rate: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Reservation Rates 3. Choose the rate you want to edit in the drop down 4. Click the edit rate pencil 5. Then select the edit advanced options and dynamic rate pencil                                                   6.Click Add Dynamic Rate 7. Fill out

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Reservation Black Out Dates

This article will show you how to black out dates on reservations and how it works The black out option makes it so that no one can make reservations with that rate during the selected time frame. How to black out dates in a reservation: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Reservation Rates 3. Select the correct rate source in the drop down 4. Click the edit Pencil symbol 5. Make sure the dates are the dates you want to black out                                                                          6. Check the Black out dates box 7. Click the Save Revision button

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Creating Email Surveys

This article will show you how to create a survey for your customers Associating Survey to Email Message From the Dashboard users will need to go to Maintenance and click on the Email Messages button. This will take users to the Email Messages Maintenance screen. Within this screen, users will need to find the email that they want to associate the survey to. Click on the Select Message and find an email that has (Customer, Active). After clicking on the desired email, users will need to fill in the survey tag that was created when they survey was created. This tag is found in the Surveys section. Users will need to put the tag in as follows: [survey tagname] After putting in the survey tag, users will need to click the blue SAVE CHANGES button.

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Reservation Ticket Maintenance

This article will show you how to add or remove reservations from tickets that are already in the system How to add a reservation from the Open and Edit screens: 1. Click open or type in the ticket number and press edit 2. In the reservation field type in a name or reservation number 3. Click the reservation you are wanting to add to the ticket     Note: It will auto populate any information it can from the reservation to the ticket 4. Fill in any missing information from the ticket  5. Click Save How to add a reservation to a ticket through ticket Close screen: 1. Type ticket number in the search box and press enter on your keyboard or find the ticket in the Inventory screen 2. Click the Reservations button 3. Type the reservation number in the new search box

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Modifying Reservation Rates

Modifying Reservation Rates

– If a rate for your website or a third party website needs to be changed, you will make the change in the same place that Reservation Rates are created. To learn how to create a new Reservation Rate revision, click here.  – Revisions are rates and date spans that are set up by the location.  1. From the dashboard click on Maintenance-> Reservation Rates. 2. Select the source that needs the change made. 3. Click on the blue pencil to bring up the “editing quotes revision” pop-up 4. Within this pop-up users will be able to change the rate, display name and whether or not it is pre-pay.  5. If you want to delete just a single rate from a revision, click on the red trashcan.  6. If you want to change the rate, display name, change the pre-pay and add notes, click on

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Adding FPP to Rates

This article will show you how to add FPP to you rates The primary way points accrue in the system are via Rates. Points are accrued based on the time spent on the lot. Rate codes, via their charges, can specify how many points should be given for the time spent on the lot. Per-Rate – Per hour/day/week/month – The ability to earn points based on time spent on the lot. Note: This is also considered a Rate-by-Rate basis.  To set this up: 1. Maintenance 2. Rates 3. Select the Rate 4. Under the charge section 5. Add amount in the FPP field  6. If you do not have this or want to add more, click Add new Charge 7. Click Save at the bottom right

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Creating FPP Coupons

This article explains the steps to create Frequent Parker Program Coupons To learn more about other Coupons click here How to add FPP coupons to netPark: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Coupons 3. Click new Coupon 4. name and label the Coupon appropriately and put in how many FPP it takes to redeem it Code – The code used for the coupon within netPark; In this example it is called “FPP 1 Day” Description – Description for the coupon Redemption Amount – A flat amount taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is left at “$0” Free Days – Total number of free days taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is “1” Minimum Days – Using this field, locations can limit if FPP Points can be redeemed using this coupon unless they have stayed for a certainnumber of days FPP to Redeem – This is the total number of FPP

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Redeeming Customer FPP

This article explains how to redeem and how to manage expiring customer FPP Customers can accrue points when making reservations with the account associated with their profile in the netPark system. They can also earn points when they get services offered from your location. Redeeming FPP Points on Client Website If you have the netPark Reservation Modules on your website, customers can actually use their FPP Points while making a reservation. Once this has been set, anytime a customer books a reservation on the website and they have enough points to redeem a free day, adrop-down box will appear where they can select the total number of days they would like to redeem. How to redeem the FPP Coupons:  1. Pull up the ticket 2. Click the CO(U)PONS button 3. You can search for coupons or type in the code or amount manually 4. Selecting the coupon

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Reservation Rates (New)

What is Reservation Rates Maintenance for? Reservation Rates allow you to set up rates for the following:  Your ecommerce Website or netPark Internal Reservations – setting a rate on Reservation Rate Maintenance page will take effect immediately and there is nothing else you need to do besides save your updates. Third Party Reservation Sources (Res Aggregators) – It is important to know that setting rates on Reservation Rate Maintenance  does not set the rates for all of the 3rd party  reservation aggregators. Many 3rd party sites do not use netPark’s full API when providing quote on their website.  In these cases, when you set up a rate on Reservation Rates Maintenance page, you are matching the rates you have set at the 3rd party site so that netPark knows what the rate is supposed to be when it arrives from the 3rd party aggregator.  If

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