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This article explains the steps to create Frequent Parker Program Coupons

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How to add FPP coupons to netPark:

1. Click Maintenance

2. Click Coupons

3. Click new Coupon

4. name and label the Coupon appropriately and put in how many FPP it takes to redeem it

Code – The code used for the coupon within netPark; In this example it is called “FPP 1 Day”

Description – Description for the coupon Redemption Amount – A flat amount taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is left at “$0”

Free Days – Total number of free days taken off using FPP; In this example, the total is “1”

Minimum Days – Using this field, locations can limit if FPP Points can be redeemed using this coupon unless they have stayed for a certain
number of days

FPP to Redeem – This is the total number of FPP Points the customer has to have on their account to use this coupon; In this example, a
customer needs “75 FPP Points” to redeem “1 Free Day”

Expiration Date – Locations can set an expiration date for the coupon

Coupon Disabled – Checking this box will disable the coupon from being used

Link to UVG – For the purpose of creating an FPP Coupon, this option isn’t needed

Notes – Any notes that a location might want to enter about the coupon

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