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The MagTek tDynamo EMV credit card device is a Bluetooth connected device used in conjunction with netPark’s numerous iOS based applications including the netPark Mobile Valet Application (MVS) and the netPark Event Application.

Device Overview

The tDynamo device is extremely simple, including only a single button on the right hand side of the device which is used to power the device on and off, as well as putting it into Bluetooth Pairing mode. The tDynamo features a magnetic track swipe reader on the right side of the device, an EMV slot on the top of the device and supports NFC payments via contactless credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay via holding the card or device up to the front of the tDynamo unit.

The tDynamo features 4 LED lights on the front of the device that show the units activity, as well as displays the battery charge by tapping the button on the side of the unit.

Additionally, the tDynamo comes with a charging stand, that allows the device to be propped up off the desk, as well charges the device via the connected USB Type-A cable. The tDynamo also comes with a short USB-C cable for charging the unit without the use of the stand.

The tDynamo device also comes with an extremely handy Quick Installation Guide that covers everything listed above, as well as even further explanation for the use of the device.

Additional PDF documents for the tDynamo device can be found at the bottom of this article.

Connecting the tDynamo to an iDevice

Connecting the tDynamo to your iOS device is extremely simple and simply requires the use of the MagTek Test App, publicly available on the App Store.

App Link: MagTek Test App

Once you have the app installed, please follow along with written directions below to connect your tDynamo device. If you prefer, there is also a quick video walking you through the process as well at the end of this section:

  1. Open the MagTek Test app and click on the More icon and then select the Bluetooth LE EMV option.
  2. If your tDynamo device isn’t turned on, power it on now. Next, hold the button on the right side of your tDynamo device for approx. 5 seconds to put the device into pairing mode. You’ll know it’s in pairing mode, as the bottom light on the front of the device will begin blinking blue.
  3. Now go back into the MagTek Test app and tap the blue Connect button at the bottom of the screen. When the pop-up menu appears, select tDynamo.
  4. On the following screen, you should see a device code appear on the screen. Typically this code should say “tDynamo-XXXXXXX” with the X’s corresponding to the Serial Number on the back of the tDynamo device you are attempting to connect to. Once you have confirmed it’s the right device, tap the code.
  5. Next you’ll see a screen appear titled “Bluetooth Pairing Request“. You’ll want to enter 6 zeros (000000) as the pairing code and then tap Pair.
  6. You will see a series of information lines appear on the screen letting you know the device is pairing. Once you see the message [Device Extended Response] appear, your device is now connected. Tap the red Disconnect button to disconnect the device from the MagTek Test app.
    • Special Note: It is extremely important that you disconnect your tDynamo device from the MagTek Test app, as netPark CANNOT communicate with the device when it is still connected to the MagTek Test app and it will not function properly.
  7. To verify that the device has connected properly, you can go to the Settings > Bluetooth and you should see the tDynamo-XXXXXXX code listed under My Devices.

Additional Downloads & Support

This section contains additional documents and downloads that may be beneficial to the tDynamo device.

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