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MagTek tDynamo

The MagTek tDynamo EMV credit card device is a Bluetooth connected device used in conjunction with netPark’s numerous iOS based applications including the netPark Mobile Valet Application (MVS) and the netPark Event Application. Device Overview The tDynamo device is extremely simple, including only a single button on the right hand side of the device which is used to power the device on and off, as well as putting it into Bluetooth Pairing mode. The tDynamo features a magnetic track swipe reader on the right side of the device, an EMV slot on the top of the device and supports NFC payments via contactless credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay via holding the card or device up to the front of the tDynamo unit. The tDynamo features 4 LED lights on the front of the device that show the units activity, as well as

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Event Parking

– The netPark Event app is an add-on feature of the netPark system that can be used in situations where transient parkers information is not necessary. It excels in high volume situations by rapidly generating tickets.  Event App Capabilites – Ticket Generation: Users can auto-generate tickets and use pre-printed tickets. You will need a linea pro or camera capabilites to use pre-printed tickets – Payment Types Credit Cards (using Linea Pro encrypted credit card reader) Cash (logged for deposit tracking) Prepaid reservations and vouchers Loyalty accounts (prepayments or on-file payment method) Company accounts (AR billing for employees) Adjustments (using barcodes) – Configuration Multi- facility support Multiple parking zones & rates Paper reciepts (Using Zebra bluetooth Printer) Email reciepts (For customer loyalty accounts, inc. multiple reciepts) SMS text messages – Administration  Inventory counts Current day transaction counts User Admin (enable/disable ; lock/unlock) Status print out

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