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– The netPark Event app is an add-on feature of the netPark system that can be used in situations where transient parkers information is not necessary. It excels in high volume situations by rapidly generating tickets. 

Event App Capabilites

– Ticket Generation: Users can auto-generate tickets and use pre-printed tickets. You will need a linea pro or camera capabilites to use pre-printed tickets

– Payment Types

  • Credit Cards (using Linea Pro encrypted credit card reader)
  • Cash (logged for deposit tracking)
  • Prepaid reservations and vouchers
  • Loyalty accounts (prepayments or on-file payment method)
  • Company accounts (AR billing for employees)
  • Adjustments (using barcodes)
– Configuration
  • Multi- facility support
  • Multiple parking zones & rates
  • Paper reciepts (Using Zebra bluetooth Printer)
  • Email reciepts (For customer loyalty accounts, inc. multiple reciepts)
  • SMS text messages
– Administration 
Inventory counts
  • Current day transaction counts
  • User Admin (enable/disable ; lock/unlock)
  • Status print out of connected hardware
  • Timeclock tracking (automated or manual) 
  • Shift report (PDF and printed 
– Hardware Support
  • Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch with 64-bit CPU
  • Linea Pro and Infinea Lines by Infinity Periphals (barcode processing & P2PE credit card processing)
  • Zebra Bluetooth Printer (thermal reciepts and shift reports)

Event App Settings

  1. From the dashboard click on Maintenace-> Operations App Settings 
  2. Within the Operations App Settings click on the Event tab. 
  3. Go to the setting that needs to changing. Note that all changes that are made are live immedietly. 
  • All settings will have a description of what the setting does below the name. 

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