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Website Modules – Google Analytics

netPark offers deep integration with Google Analytics and Bing Universal Event Tracker. In addition to the general Analytics you can get when you include Google Analytics or Bing Universal Event Tracker you can also get the following details: Shortcodes for clicks and impressions throughout your site Promo impressions and click-throughs Google Conversion Code and UET conversion integration Google Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce: Tracking of quoted dates Impressions of each quote and the amounts Impressions of each service and the amounts Quote/Service Clicks (selections) and Checkouts (purchases) Unique Purchases Product Revenue Product Refunds (canceled reservations) Breakdown on a per-reservation basis of costs and purchases Google Analytics Setup You’ll need to have already signed up for Google Analytics. Here is a quick walk-through for setting up Google Analytics. When you are done with the setup you should have a code that looks like this: If you are

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MagTek tDynamo

The MagTek tDynamo EMV credit card device is a Bluetooth connected device used in conjunction with netPark’s numerous iOS based applications including the netPark Mobile Valet Application (MVS) and the netPark Event Application. Device Overview The tDynamo device is extremely simple, including only a single button on the right hand side of the device which is used to power the device on and off, as well as putting it into Bluetooth Pairing mode. The tDynamo features a magnetic track swipe reader on the right side of the device, an EMV slot on the top of the device and supports NFC payments via contactless credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay via holding the card or device up to the front of the tDynamo unit. The tDynamo features 4 LED lights on the front of the device that show the units activity, as well as

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WordPress – Modifying Headers & Footers

This article will show you how to modify the header and footer of your site including adding meta data. How to locate change your Header and Footer: 1. Navigate your netPark WordPress admin page.       Note: This url is similar to this one 2. Hover your mouse over the “Settings” button on the left 3. Select the “Insert Header and Footer” button      Note: If you do not have this option please contact netPark and we can enable it for you. 4. Insert your desired data or meta tags 5. Click “Save”  6. Check your public facing website and make sure it added properly

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Site Analytics and Tracking

This article shows you how to add the Analytics codes to your netPark site. How to add an Analytics code to your netPark site: 1. Navigate to your WordPress site in a browser      ex: https://www.yourcompanysiteurl/wp-login.php 2. Login with your WordPress Admin credentials      Note: If you don’t have these credentials contact your management or 3. Once logged in hover your mouse over “netPark Settings” on the left 4. Click on “Analytics” 5. Fill in your Analytics code, scroll to the bottom and click the “Save Changes” button   

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Redeeming FPP Through Clients

This article explains how customers can redeem FPP points on client websites Setting Rate FPP Value – The ability to earn points based on time spent on the lot. Note: This is also considered a Rate-by-Rate basis.  To set this up: 1. Maintenance 2. Rates 3. Select Rate 4. fill in the Points per day redemption amount field 5. Click Save at the bottom right Redeeming FPP Points on Client Website If you have the netPark Reservation Modules on your website, customers can actually use their FPP Points while making a reservation. Once this has been set, anytime a customer books a reservation on the website and they have enough points to redeem a free day, adrop-down box will appear where they can select the total number of days they would like to redeem. If you are not sure if which modules you are on contact support at

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Remote Support

This article explains how to setup Team Viewer so netPark support can remote into your machine. If you have the desktop application 1. Open the netPark desktop application 2. Click the Menu button (3 horizontal bars) in the top right 3. Click Remote Support If you don’t have the desktop application 1. Open a web browser ex: Chrome, Edge, Firefox. 2. Navigate to or click here support 3. If you have a Windows pc select the Windows logo. If you have an Apple pc, click the Apple logo. 4. A download will save to your pc. Run that download.  5. Open the file and allow the program to run. 6. Notify the Support team that you are ready for us to access your session.

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Customer Reset Password

This article reviews the process for customers resetting their passwords and the common issues that they can experience when trying to do so and how to resolve them.

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