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What is Reservation Rates Maintenance for?

Reservation Rates allow you to set up rates for the following: 

  • Your ecommerce Website or netPark Internal Reservations – setting a rate on Reservation Rate Maintenance page will take effect immediately and there is nothing else you need to do besides save your updates.
  • Third Party Reservation Sources (Res Aggregators) – It is important to know that setting rates on Reservation Rate Maintenance  does not set the rates for all of the 3rd party  reservation aggregators. Many 3rd party sites do not use netPark’s full API when providing quote on their website.  In these cases, when you set up a rate on Reservation Rates Maintenance page, you are matching the rates you have set at the 3rd party site so that netPark knows what the rate is supposed to be when it arrives from the 3rd party aggregator.  If your rate Reservation Rate does not match the aggregator’s quoted/reserved rate, the customer will not receive the correct rate when they arrive to park and you open a ticket and attach their reservation.  Find out more about setting up third party sources here:
  •  Please note: Reservation Rate Maintenance does not set up default ticket rates for use when opening tickets at your lot, with netPark.

Set up Reservation Rates

  1. From the dashboard, click on Maintenance. Then click on Reservation Rates. 
  2. First, select the drop down (View Revisions For) and select the website you need to modify. 
  3. Click on blue + New Revision. This will bring up a popup (Adding Quotes Revision). 
  4. Name the revision
    • Note: you do not need to name the revision but it will make orginization more simple. 
  5. Set up the start and end date. 
  6. There are three check boxes that can be used 
    • Is Event: The revision will quote along with regular revisions 
    • Apply When Booking Across A Date: This will apply the reservation rate to the full span of the reservation.
    • Blackout: The date range will be “disabled” and no reservations can be made for the time of that revision. 
  7. Click on the + Add Rate. Select the rate and its display name. Then check the “pre-pay” box if needed. 
    • Note: This is information will vary depending for third parties. 
  8. Click Save Revision

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