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Modifying Reservation Rates

Modifying Reservation Rates

– If a rate for your website or a third party website needs to be changed, you will make the change in the same place that Reservation Rates are created. To learn how to create a new Reservation Rate revision, click here.  – Revisions are rates and date spans that are set up by the location.  1. From the dashboard click on Maintenance-> Reservation Rates. 2. Select the source that needs the change made. 3. Click on the blue pencil to bring up the “editing quotes revision” pop-up 4. Within this pop-up users will be able to change the rate, display name and whether or not it is pre-pay.  5. If you want to delete just a single rate from a revision, click on the red trashcan.  6. If you want to change the rate, display name, change the pre-pay and add notes, click on

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Reservation Rates (New)

What is Reservation Rates Maintenance for? Reservation Rates allow you to set up rates for the following:  Your ecommerce Website or netPark Internal Reservations – setting a rate on Reservation Rate Maintenance page will take effect immediately and there is nothing else you need to do besides save your updates. Third Party Reservation Sources (Res Aggregators) – It is important to know that setting rates on Reservation Rate Maintenance  does not set the rates for all of the 3rd party  reservation aggregators. Many 3rd party sites do not use netPark’s full API when providing quote on their website.  In these cases, when you set up a rate on Reservation Rates Maintenance page, you are matching the rates you have set at the 3rd party site so that netPark knows what the rate is supposed to be when it arrives from the 3rd party aggregator.  If

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Gate Rules

NetPark Self Park facilities may have situations where employees are not present or will not be present for a set period. To help ease the burden the Self-Park screen has GATE RULES. Gate rules will perform a specific action at a specific time or date. Setting Up Gate Rules From the dashboard, users will click on SELF-PARK. Within this screen, click on GATE RULES. A new screen will appear that will allow users to begin customizing rules. Within this screen users will click on Add New Rule which will bring up the options to add in the gate rules. To the right are the different functionalities that are available within the gate rules.  Below is a video detailing how to set up and use the gate rules functionality within netPark. 

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Reservation Rates Maintenance

The Reservation Rates section of netPark allows users to setup rates for third party websites that use netParks full API, local websites with a reservation sub-domain controlled by netPark, and for reservations in netPark internal.

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Overview of Rate Maintenance

Creating a Rate

Rates in the netPark system are the primary way of specifying the charges for a parking stay. Rates can be configured for minute, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly periods, can cut-over to other rate codes and perform a myriad of other functions.

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