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How do cut-overs work?

  • Cut-over Rates work by using the parameters set up by a user and changing the rate to a different rate that is chosen by the user.
  • This alternate rate can be any rate that has already been created in the netPark interface.

Benefits of cut-overs

  • Cut-over Rates give users the ability to charge customers based off certain parameters to maximize profit.
  • Being able to customize rates based off different parameters gives users more control over a location.

Creating Cut-Over Rates

  1. From the dashboard users will need to go to the Maintenance Screen.
  2. Then users will need to click into Rates. This will take users to the Rates Search Screen.
  3. Users can either find a rate to add a cut-over to or create a new rate and add a cut-over to it.
  4. To learn how to create a rate go here: 
  5. After selecting a rate or creating a new rate, users will need to select the Cut-over Tab. This switch the screen from adding a rate to the cut-overs section.
  6. Within the Cut-over tab users will need to click the green ADD NEW CUTOVER button to bring up the parameters that can be set.
  7. To understand what each box does, users can hover over the name to show an explanation.
  8. To add the rate that needs to be cut-over to, users will select the Alternate Rate box which will give a drop down of all available rates.
  9. Users can add as many cut-overs as desired but NOTE: THE CUT-OVERS MUST NOT OVERLAP.
  10. After filling in all necessary information, users will need to hit the green SAVE button.

Cutover Rates
How to create a cutover rate

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