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The Unique Voucher Generator or UVG, allows users to create special vouchers within netPark

Creating A New Voucher Group

1. Click Maintenance

2. Click Unique Voucher Generator

2. Click the “New Voucher Group” Button in the top right of the screen

These vouchers are one time use and can be used to:

  • Apply a Coupon
  • Apply a Discount
  • Validate parking
  • Create a Groupon

Vouchers are redeemed via the Close Ticket Screen

Note: when printing, make sure that there isn’t any sort of setting that is attempting to scale or “fit” the PDF. This can cause alignment issues when printing to the cards

UVG Breakdown

Voucher Codes – These codes are 12 digits. Some may need leading 0’s added.

Search Field – users can search for specific vouchers by voucher details

Display Selector – users can select how many vouchers they want displayed per page in the results

Voucher Search Details – users can limit the voucher results by:





Export Results – users can export the results to a CSV

Voucher Results

Category – the voucher type

Description – name of the voucher

Value – value of the amount the voucher is worth

Company – company attached to the voucher

Start Date – Date when the voucher becomes valid

End Date – Date when the voucher becomes invalid

Created – number of vouchers the user has created

Issued – number of vouchers (From created) that the user has printed

Redeemed – number of issued vouchers that have been used/redeemed

Available – number of created vouchers that have not been issued

Actions – by clicking this users are provided with more actions for the voucher

Issue & Print

Voucher List


Definitions and break down:

Description – name of the voucher group

Value – value of the amount the voucher is worth

Company – company attached to the voucher

Start Date – Date when the voucher becomes valid

End Date – Date when the voucher becomes invalid

Expiration Duration – duration voucher is valid after being printed, texted, or emailed.

Header – to be printed on vouchers, typically name of voucher

Large – makes header larger

B – makes header bold

I – makes header italics

U – underlines header

Lines 1, 2, & 3 – Extra lines to be printed on voucher

Dismiss – cancels creation of the voucher group

Save & Issue – saves voucher group takes user to print screen

Save – saves voucher group

Printing/Issuing a Voucher Group

Create Additional Vouchers – user can create more vouchers that are available to be printed

Print Format – user can select what format they want the vouchers to print in

CSV Export

Card Stock

Avery 8387

Avery 8877

Avery 8160

Print Pages – users can select how many pages they would like to print

Reprint unredeemed vouchers – users can reprint vouchers that have been issued but not redeemed.

Dismiss – cancels the print

Print – prints the setup of vouchers

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