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– The MVS menu is built to fit the needs to your valet location. Any changes will be live immedietly.

– The MVS app is available to any location and will need to be discussed with sales to use the app. 

Set up & Explaniation of Capabilities

– From the dasboard, click on Maintenance -> Operations App Settings.

  • The first tab, General, controls both the MVS and Event Apps and there are only a few settings that both will have in common.
    • the Event App is a different, stand alone app. Information can be found here.

  • The second tab, MVS, controls what can be done in the MVS app.
    • The first section, allows you to choose which fields display in the open ticket process. These fields can be a requirement  if you check the corresponding box.
    • The second section, allows you to choose which fields you can edit after the ticket is open. These can also be a requirement if you check the corresponding box.
    • The last few settings make the MVS app custom to the locations needs. 
    • Each setting will have a description, underneath the setting, of what it does in the MVS app. 

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