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Condo Management System

The Condo Management System provides an easy to use method to allow condo owners and management companies the ability to manage their available parking spaces for guests staying at their condos, utilizing our Parking Pass System. The system is configured to allow you to manage Units, Individual Owner-Operators and Management Companies, as well as provide access to various personnel who should have the ability to manage these properties. Groups and Companies will have individual Accounts associated with them that allow those individuals to login the website interface and create Parking Passes for their guests, who then have the ability to login to the website themselves and pay for their parking. This guide provides a quick guide on how to setup and manage the backend system powering the Condo Management System. Creating and Managing Groups & Companies The first step of setting up a new

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Mass Ticket Update

The Mass Ticket Update tool allows users to manage tickets in bulk. They can be closed or deleted. It is recommended to never delete tickets unless you are resetting a site. It should be considered a last option. How to use the Mass Ticket Update tool: 1 Login to Netpark and click Register 2 Click Mass Ticket Update 3 Select the date range you wish to edit (it is suggested to go at least two weeks back to less likely affect current tickets.) 4 Select the tickets you want to edit 5 Select Perform Action in the bottom right 6 Choose your desired action 7 You may receive a pop up asking for a note. It is important to fill this out as it will show in reports later.  8 After completion some tickets may not have adjusted. Each ticket will have notes in

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Reservation Ticket Maintenance

This article will show you how to add or remove reservations from tickets that are already in the system How to add a reservation from the Open and Edit screens: 1. Click open or type in the ticket number and press edit 2. In the reservation field type in a name or reservation number 3. Click the reservation you are wanting to add to the ticket     Note: It will auto populate any information it can from the reservation to the ticket 4. Fill in any missing information from the ticket  5. Click Save How to add a reservation to a ticket through ticket Close screen: 1. Type ticket number in the search box and press enter on your keyboard or find the ticket in the Inventory screen 2. Click the Reservations button 3. Type the reservation number in the new search box

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MVS Menu Setup

– The MVS menu is built to fit the needs to your valet location. Any changes will be live immedietly. – The MVS app is available to any location and will need to be discussed with sales to use the app.  Set up & Explaniation of Capabilities – From the dasboard, click on Maintenance -> Operations App Settings. The first tab, General, controls both the MVS and Event Apps and there are only a few settings that both will have in common. the Event App is a different, stand alone app. Information can be found here. The second tab, MVS, controls what can be done in the MVS app. The first section, allows you to choose which fields display in the open ticket process. These fields can be a requirement  if you check the corresponding box. The second section, allows you to choose which fields

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Inventory Screen

What is the Inventory Screen? The Inventory Screen is used to keep track of the the locations tickets and will show opened & closed tickets. As seen below, the inventory screen gives users different information on tickets with different parameters and actions that can be performed. How to use the Inventory Screen The Inventory screen is simple and easy to navigate. Users will be able to search for tickets in the search bar of the inventory screen. This search can be narrowed down to different parameters, the green buttons listed as: Search Only By, Choose Filter & Limit to Parking Zone. These are simply means to make searching more precise and are not necessary for the screen to function. There are also four check-boxes, Email, Reservation, Notes & Car Requested. Within the search are three actions that users can do, Close, Edit & Locate. Each

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Adjust & Close Tickets

Close Ticket Screen (Adjustments & Editing) If the date of a ticket needs to be adjusted users have a few options on how to do so. If the open date or due date need to be changed, users will need to do this in the Open Edit ticket screen. Within this screen users will be able to select either the Open Date or Close date to change. Most information can be changed about a ticket in the open edit screen as long as that ticket has not been closed yet. Note: Fields can be modified to only allow Managers or Admins to make adjustments after a ticket is opened. This is done in Open Edit Ticket Maintenance.  If the close date of a ticket needs to be adjusted, users will need to go to the Close Ticket screen and click on the MISC OPTIONS button. (Users may not have this

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Getting Started

How to adjust a ticket

There will be times where tickets are not properly closed when they were suppose to. To fix this, netPark has built in different options in the Close Ticket Screen that allow users to make adjustments.
There are many different reasons and ways to adjust tickets in the netPark interface.
Users may need to adjust the close date, open date, or due date. A ticket may not have been closed or a reservation may not have been added.

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Lost tickets

About The lost ticket screen is used by self-park locations to create a backdated ticket for customers who have lost their original ticket.   Working with the Lost Ticket Screen Via the Main Menu of netPark, click on “Lost Ticket” to be taken to the Lost Ticket Screen. Enabling the Lost Ticket Screen Below is a breakdown on how to enable the Lost Ticket Screen From the Main Menu of netPark, click on the Maintenance tab on the left hand side of netPark. Go to System Settings Go to the Ticket Ranges section. Set a Lost Ticket Range and click “Save” If “Auto Ticket Range” is set, make sure the “Lost Ticket Range” does not overlap Refresh netPark via the refresh button on the browser or hit on the keyboard. When netPark refreshes, the Lost Ticket button should be on the Main Menu Lost

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