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Close Ticket Screen (Adjustments & Editing)

  • If the date of a ticket needs to be adjusted users have a few options on how to do so.
    • If the open date or due date need to be changed, users will need to do this in the Open Edit ticket screen. Within this screen users will be able to select either the Open Date or Close date to change.
    • Most information can be changed about a ticket in the open edit screen as long as that ticket has not been closed yet.
    • Note: Fields can be modified to only allow Managers or Admins to make adjustments after a ticket is opened. This is done in Open Edit Ticket Maintenance. 
  • If the close date of a ticket needs to be adjusted, users will need to go to the Close Ticket screen and click on the MISC OPTIONS button. (Users may not have this permission, which is set in User Maintenance)
    • After clicking on the MISC OPTIONS button users will be able to select from three different options to change the close date.
    • Typically clicking Original Due Date will fix a ticket that is having an issue with an incorrect date but users can also Manually Enter the close date or use the Last Payment Date, (this will only show up if there is a payment on the ticket).
    • Doing one of these three steps will change the close date and adjust the amount that may be due.
      • Typically this is used when the amount due does not match what a customer has already payed
  • The Close Ticket Screen can also remove mandatory options from a ticket.

Close Ticket Screen (Voiding A Ticket)

In some cases users will need to void tickets for various reasons. Voiding a ticket means that the payment will be either removed (if done same day) or refunded if the Batch has run for the day. 

To Void open a ticket users will need to be on the Close Ticket Screen. If the ticket is closed, there will be a Void button. Clicking this button will load a pop-up screen. Within this pop-up will be different parameters to check and un-check. These parameters will be based on a locations set-up and differ from location to location. In some instances users may be able to remove a reservation or option as well. Users can also void open a ticket without removing anything by simply unchecking any parameter that does not need to be voided. If payment is unchecked, for instance, then the ticket would open back up with the payment staying on. This is the same for if there is a Reservation or Option on the ticket as well. 

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