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Lost Ticket


The lost ticket screen is used by self-park locations to create a backdated ticket for customers who have lost their original ticket.


Working with the Lost Ticket Screen

Via the Main Menu of netPark, click on “Lost Ticket” to be taken to the Lost Ticket Screen.

Enabling the Lost Ticket Screen

Below is a breakdown on how to enable the Lost Ticket Screen

  1. From the Main Menu of netPark, click on the Maintenance tab on the left hand side of netPark.
  2. Go to System Settings
  3. Go to the Ticket Ranges section.
  4. Set a Lost Ticket Range and click “Save”
    • If “Auto Ticket Range” is set, make sure the “Lost Ticket Range” does not overlap
  5. Refresh netPark via the refresh button on the browser or hit on the keyboard. When netPark refreshes, the Lost Ticket button should be on the Main Menu

Lost Ticket Breakdown


  • Last Name – Customer’s last name
  • First Name – Customer’s first name
  • Phone Number – Customer’s phone number
  • DL Number – Customer’s driver license number
  • Open Date and Time – The original open date and time for the ticket
  • Notes – THis field is used to store notes about the lost ticket


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