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How to Create a Survey

  1. From the Dashboard, users will go to Maintenance and click on the Surveys button. This will take users to the Survey search screen

·         Within this screen users will be able to create, edit, and view results of surveys

·         If you do not have the Survey option contact netPark to have it enabled, there may be a fee involved

  1. Within the Survey Search screen, users will need to click on the green + NEW SURVEY button. This will take users to the Survey creation screen.
  2. In this screen users will need to input the Name, Description and Tag.

    • The tag is what is going to be used in the Email Message that the customers will receive the survey with.
    • Users can set this tag in Email Messages Maintenance. The format must be [survey tagname]
    • Users can change how this tag is displayed by using the Email Text. If this is left blank the survey will display: Please Take Our Survey! (following with the link). If users want to keep the survey tag as the name then users will just type in [link]. Users can input whatever they want and must type that information in between a [link] [/link].
  3. After filling in the Survey information users will need to go to the Inputs tab to create the survey questions.
    • Users will be given different options for the type of question and sub types.
    • The Tag box will allow users to use the tag in the email response that goes to the customer after the survey.
    • For more in-depth on the types of questions go here:
  4. After creating the question users will need to click the green Save Input button
  5. After creating all the questions wanted, users will need to click on the Emails tab.
  6. Within this tab, users will need create an email that will be a response after the customer takes the survey.
    • Users will need to click the blue +ADD EMAIL if a new template needs to be created or users can select the default template netPark has provided.
    • Note, to send the email to the users, the tag [email] will need to be put in the TO field.
    • For an in depth understanding of the Email Templates go here:
  7. After going through all three tabs, users will need to click the green Save Survey button 
How to create a new Survey

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