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Editing and Customizing Services

This article explains the new service and edit service window and their different menus Details Tab:  Adjustable – Designates if the service can be adjusted via the Close Ticket Screen Notes – Additional notes about the service Website Name – Displays the name of the service as it will display on the website Website Description – Displays the description of the service as it will display on the website Blackout Dates – Displays all of the blackout dates assigned to the service Website Tab: Available on Website – Checking this box will allow the service to be selected on the website during the reservation process Name- This field allows users to specify the name of the service as it appears on the website Description – Allows users to enter the description of the service that will be displayed on the website Order – Sets the order that the services display on the website Require Vehicle Info – Checking this box will

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Understanding Services

Services can be any sort of extra service a location may offer. These can include oil changes, car washes or gas, just to name a few How to add a new Service 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Click New Service Services are separated into 5 different classes. Classes are used to group services together and allow for quick the quick look up ofservices based on the class which they fall under.  The classes are: Wash, Oil, Gas, Detail, and Misc Services Search  Search Field – This field allows users to search for services based on their name # of Results Picker – User can select the number of results to display per page Search Tabs – User can filter the results by: All, Detail, Gas, Oil, Wash Misc Include Disabled – Checking this box allows disabled services to be returned in search results Services List – This link takes

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