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This article explains the new service and edit service window and their different menus

Details Tab: 

Adjustable – Designates if the service can be adjusted via the Close Ticket Screen

Notes – Additional notes about the service

Website Name – Displays the name of the service as it will display on the website

Website Description – Displays the description of the service as it will display on the website

Blackout Dates – Displays all of the blackout dates assigned to the service

Website Tab:

Available on Website – Checking this box will allow the service to be selected on the website during the reservation process

Name– This field allows users to specify the name of the service as it appears on the website

Description – Allows users to enter the description of the service that will be displayed on the website

Order – Sets the order that the services display on the website

Require Vehicle Info – Checking this box will specify that vehicle information will be required if the service is selected

Blackout Tab: 

To create a new Blackout Period, click the “New Blackout” button in the top right-hand corner

Start Date  – The start date for the blackout period

End Date – The end date for the blackout period

Type – The blackout type for activating the blackout:

Description – The text to display to customers when the service is blacked out

User – The user who created the blackout range

Icons – There are two icons to the right that affect the blackout:

Pencil – Clicking this lets users edit the blackout period

Red X – Clicking this will delete the blackout period

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