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This article will show you how to edit location settings in the netPark desktop application

How to get to location settings:

1. Click the 3 horizontal bars in the top right of the application (Hamburger Menu)

2. Click Configuration

3. Select Location on the left then choose your location from the middle of the screen

4. The settings are on the right

You can set the default screen that loads when you login to the desktop application

Device Entry Lane: Enter your entry lane number for logging and control purposes. It will open the lane when a ticket is opened in the open ticket or quick open ticket process. 

Device Exit Lane: Enter your exit lane number logging and control purposes When this is set, the lane will open when a ticket is closed via the close ticket screen.


This is where you set the default location for the key tracking system. 

It must be the same as an existing location found by going to Maintenance then Key Tracker Maintenance.

Enable: Turns on texting and locate log monitoring

Play sound when there’s an active log: Plays an alarm\alert as a notification

Show notification on new log: Shows a visual notification for new logs

Print locate slip on new log: Prints slips for the valets.

Note: The number of slips can be adjusted in the box below this option.

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