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The new dashboard lets locations choose the setup of their dashboard (the first page upon login). 

Explanation of the Dashboard and Functionalities

  • The new dashboard gives users the choice between 11 pre-made dashboards that netPark designed based on the needs we see from our current and previous clients. 
  • Select one of these dashboards or start from scratch to suit the needs of your lot!
  • Editing or Creating a Dashboard

    To select a dashboard (or homepage) to begin customizing, users will need to be on the Dashboard.

  • Selecting a pre-made homepage brings up the default widgets for that particular dashboard.

      • The pre-made homepages are found by clicking on the drop-down menu on and selecting one of the choices. 
  • Creating a new dashboard starts with no default widgets so users can start from scratch

      • To start from scratch, users will need to click on the three blue dots and click + New Dashboard.
      • If they do not have the three blue dots, they are not set as an Administrator under System Settings.
      • Then users will be able to “edit” the dashboard. 
      • This will give users a blank dashboard that can be customized with widgets.
  • Widgets

  • Widgets customize the dashboard to the lots needs. These widgets are found on the dashboard by clicking on the three blue dots next to the dashboard selection drop down.
  • To find the function of each widget, click on the three blue dots and hover over the “i” on each widget for more information.

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