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Understanding Services

Services can be any sort of extra service a location may offer. These can include oil changes, car washes or gas, just to name a few How to add a new Service 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Click New Service Services are separated into 5 different classes. Classes are used to group services together and allow for quick the quick look up ofservices based on the class which they fall under.  The classes are: Wash, Oil, Gas, Detail, and Misc Services Search  Search Field – This field allows users to search for services based on their name # of Results Picker – User can select the number of results to display per page Search Tabs – User can filter the results by: All, Detail, Gas, Oil, Wash Misc Include Disabled – Checking this box allows disabled services to be returned in search results Services List – This link takes

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Setting Up Custom Fees and Charges

This article explains the options list and how to create them. How to add Options: 1. Click on Maintenance. 2. Click on Options. 3. Click an existing option or click New Option on the top right. 4. Here you can select specific information like amounts, fees, and if it is mandatory. 5. You can even add it to a particular Parking Zone. You can also export the full list by clicking Options List or export to a csv file by clicking Export Results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu_92omn1ic&feature=emb_logo

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Audit Categories (setup)

What are Audit Categories – NetPark has the ability to track different actions that occur within the system. We have set up specific categories which correspond to a certain event. These events can trigger an email being sent out to (a) certain user(s).  – This is not to be confused with the Audit Log which is a specific report which shows all activity for the location  Setting up Audit Categories 1. To begin, from the dashboard, users will click on Maintenance, then click on Audit Categories. 2. Within this screen users will have a list off all the available audit categories offered by netPark.  3. To begin tracking a certain category, simply check the box next to Email Alert and then add the email in the Email Alert section. You may add as many emails as needed using a comma to separate each one. 

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New Dashboard

The new dashboard lets locations choose the setup of their dashboard (the first page upon login).  Explanation of the Dashboard and Functionalities The new dashboard gives users the choice between 11 pre-made dashboards that netPark designed based on the needs we see from our current and previous clients.  Select one of these dashboards or start from scratch to suit the needs of your lot! Editing or Creating a Dashboard To select a dashboard (or homepage) to begin customizing, users will need to be on the Dashboard. Selecting a pre-made homepage brings up the default widgets for that particular dashboard. The pre-made homepages are found by clicking on the drop-down menu on and selecting one of the choices.  Creating a new dashboard starts with no default widgets so users can start from scratch To start from scratch, users will need to click on the three

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Promo Code Guide

What is A Promo Code Looking to provide customers with the ability to save on your website or provide savings for a reservation in netPark? Below is information on Promo Codes. Promo Codes, in netPark, are used to provide savings to customers who booked a reservation. These Promo Codes can be used in a number of ways within netPark as well as on a website.   How to Create a Promo Code In order to create a Promo Code, a Coupon, Discount, or Rate must be created first. (Link to each guide here) Note: It is recommended that a specific Coupon, Discount, or Rate be created for a promo code for better tracking purposes. Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Maintenance, then Promo Codes. Step 2: In Promo Codes users will click on + Add Promo Code. Step 3: This popup users will have

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Creating a User
Getting Started

Creating a User

User accounts are used to control what access a person or employee has to your netPark location. There are varying levels of controls and these permissions can be assigned to a user account by associating them with a group or by setting each individual permission.

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