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  • Users are most commonly employees of a parking location that have access to netPark
  • Anybody accessing netPark is required to have a User Number in order to login to netPark

Creating a User

  1. From the dashboard go to Maintenance.
  2. Within maintenance, click on Users.
  3. This will take users to the User Maintenance – Search.
  4. Then click on the green + NEW USER button. This will take users to the User Maintenance Screen.
  5. Within this screen you can set the necessary permissions and fill out the required user details.
  6. Users can be assigned permissions individually or be associated with User Groups and assume those permissions.
  7. After filling in all necessary details and adding permissions, click the blue Save button.

User Permissions

Understanding Permissions

  • Users can be associated with groups, which can be used to apply preset permissions to multiple people with each. By default there are 6 groups setup for a location: Administrators, Managers, Cashiers, Accounting, Auditors, ValetsEach location can setup, remove or customize these groups. One or many groups can be applied to a user account and it’s possible to add additional permissions to a user, even if the group(s) they’re in do not have that permission.
  • The copy () button can be used to copy permissions from another user. The search button can be used to search for specific permissions. When you’re done, save the user account and the permissions will take effect immediately.
  • Note: Permissions that would enable access to different modules (Tickets, Reservations, Passes, Register, Reports, Accounting or Maintenance) will require the user to logout and back in in order to see those items in the navigation menu.

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