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The Self Park screen is the central hub for all activity related to Self Park equipment. This screen shows events happen in real time on all devices, allows you to open or close the gate, add and edit devices and research past events.

Understanding devices

The Self-Park Screen on first load shows all available entry & exit gates, NIM devices and provides you different controls depending on your permissions. If a device is offline or having network issues, it will display a red bar as well as show an exclamation point next to any affected lane number. 

When watching devices, the important fields to watch are Last Status and Last Event. Last status relays the details about the event that occurred, typically being “Status Message”, “Ticket Entry”, “Barcode Query”, “Barcode Entry/Exit”, “RFID Query”, “RFID Entry/Exit”, “CC Auth”, etc. The value associated with that status is shown in the Last Event column, which shows ID associated with that status message.

Understanding the different tabs

There are different tabs that are available: Self-Park Devices, Cameras & Camera Images. As stated above, the Self-Park Devices tab lists the devices and NIM. The NIM is what allows devices to communicate between the local network and netPark. If this device goes offline then all devices will go offline. The Cameras tab lists the available cameras and their login information to connect for troubleshooting purposes. The final tab, camera images, stores all images taken by the LPR damage cameras. 

Transaction workflow

A typical transaction will show this flow:

  1. Customer pulls up to device (Presence Loop goes active)
  2. Customer interacts with device
    1. If ticket pulled, you’ll see this event after the safety loop
    2. If scanning credential you’ll see a “Barcode Query” or “RFID Query” Status message and the value scanned under Last Event
    3. If exit, you may see a “CC Auth” if a credit card is being processed
  3. Gate goes up
  4. Customer begins driving through gate (Presence Loop goes inactive, Safety Loop goes active)
  5. Customer drives through gate (Safety Loop goes inactive)
  6. Final status message is received (“Ticket Entry”, “Ticket Exit”, “Barcode/RFID Entry”, “Barcode/RFID Exit”)

Note: The “Presence Loop” and “Safety Loop” are often referred to as the “Arming Loop” and “Gate Loop”, respectively. The Presence Loop is the one in front of the actual device which lets it know that a car is present. The Safety loop is under the gate and prevents the gate from coming down on the car.

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