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Configuring Q-SAQ Validator Scanner Kiosk

The Q-SAQ Validator Kiosk provides a low cost method of access control for facilities that need basic entry & exit control for residents, tenants or any other type of credentialed entry and exit. These devices can also be used for nesting purposes to allow customers to move between different parts of your facility. Q-SAQ Validator Kiosk Features The Q-SAQ Validator Kiosk has the following features: Front Mounted High density OMNI Directional bar-code scanner Capable to read and process any standard Barcode format 4×20 character led illuminated LCD display Real time clock 4 optically isolated inputs 5 relay outputs Setup the device in netPark The first step in configuring a Q-SAQ device is to get setup all devices in netPark. This allows us to clearly id each device and makes it easier to manage the lot. To begin, navigate to the Self Park screen in netPark and click

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Lot Full Maintenance & Inventory

                                                                                           Lot Full Maint aka Lot Full Maintenance The Lot Full Maintenance Screen allows users to configure a self-park locations maximum inventory for weekdays and weekends How to get to the Lot Full Maintenance screen: 1. Click on Maintenance 2. Next, click on the Lot Full Maintenance aka Lot Full Maint button  3. Select your Lot Status 4. Select the dates you need to be open or closed 5. Fill in the number of spaces you have available and the Override information as well The Lot Full Maintenance Screen allows users to remotely monitor a self-park location. These settings can

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How to Log and Report Damage in the Damage Tracker

1. On the car image, click where the damage has occurred. 2. The Damage Information section becomes active and the severity level can be assigned. 3. You can choose between light, medium, and heavy.  4. Fill in the Notes and click a damage option specified. 5. Click Save then make your next selection or click Save and Exit.                                                                      Working with the Damage Tracker Screen Damage Tracker Screen From the Open Edit Ticket Screen click on the car image in the bottom right corner to be taken to the Damage Tracker Screen                                          

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How to Send Logs

This is a guide on how to send logs from your devices. This will show you how to send logs from your HTK, CTK, and Uniterm devices. Uniterm – When you have issues with your payment system taking cards or frequent declines, you can send us logs for review. Then send an email to  1. Open the netPark software 2. Click the menu button in the top right. It looks like 3 blue lines 3. Click send logs 4. Send an email to to notify us of the issue in detail and notify us that you sent logs.  HTK – Below are instructions on how to send logs from an HTK 1. Insert the for the device and turn it until the key is vertical. It should also make a small click sound.  2. Select Program mode on the screen. 3. Use

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Gate Rules

NetPark Self Park facilities may have situations where employees are not present or will not be present for a set period. To help ease the burden the Self-Park screen has GATE RULES. Gate rules will perform a specific action at a specific time or date. Setting Up Gate Rules From the dashboard, users will click on SELF-PARK. Within this screen, click on GATE RULES. A new screen will appear that will allow users to begin customizing rules. Within this screen users will click on Add New Rule which will bring up the options to add in the gate rules. To the right are the different functionalities that are available within the gate rules.  Below is a video detailing how to set up and use the gate rules functionality within netPark. 

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