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1. On the car image, click where the damage has occurred.

2. The Damage Information section becomes active and the severity level can be assigned.

3. You can choose between light, medium, and heavy. 

4. Fill in the Notes and click a damage option specified.

5. Click Save then make your next selection or click Save and Exit.

                                                                     Working with the Damage Tracker Screen

Damage Tracker Screen

From the Open Edit Ticket Screen click on the car image in the bottom right corner to be taken to the Damage Tracker Screen

                                                                  Explanation of the Damage Tracker Screen

Damage Marking 

Simply click on the car where the damage exists and a small circle with a number will appear. Once selected, the right side of the screen becomes enabled

Damage Location

Displays the location of the damage in written form along with the location number and damage letter

Damage Severity

The area is where the damage is given a severity level. Below are the available options:

Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Type of Damage 

The area where the type of damage is defined. The first letter of the damage type is used for identification purposes in the Damage Location Description.

Below are the available options

Scratch, Dent, Crack, Broken, Missing, Other, and Notes.

                                                                         Understanding the Damage Report

Damage Report 

The area where the Damage Report is displayed. The Damage Report displays a list of the assigned damage to the vehicle.

Using the Damage Tracker Screen

Adding damage to the Damage Tracker Screen is as simple as clicking a few times. Below is a breakdown of this process:

On the car image,
click where the damage has occurred.

Once the damage has been marked, 

The Damage Information section becomes active and the severity level can be assigned. Next, the select type of damage


If the front passenger side door has been marked as “Dent” and the passenger side taillight has been marked “Broken”. Also, update the notes for each damaged area.

Once damage has been entered, simply click “Save” to add more damage; When you have no more damage to add, click “Save &
“. Each time damage is noted and added, it will appear in the Damage Report

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