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Automated Reporting

Welcome to Automated Reporting! This is your one stop shop to sending scheduled report emails to any number of emails. With this new screen, you will be able to specify exactly what report parameters you would like, and exactly what frequency you would like to have the report sent to you on a normal timed schedule. This is perfect if you find yourself running a specific report hourly, daily, monthly, or even yearly. Follow this guide if you want to get started!

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How to Log and Report Damage in the Damage Tracker

1. On the car image, click where the damage has occurred. 2. The Damage Information section becomes active and the severity level can be assigned. 3. You can choose between light, medium, and heavy.  4. Fill in the Notes and click a damage option specified. 5. Click Save then make your next selection or click Save and Exit.                                                                      Working with the Damage Tracker Screen Damage Tracker Screen From the Open Edit Ticket Screen click on the car image in the bottom right corner to be taken to the Damage Tracker Screen                                          

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Reporting in NetPark

The Reports and Accounting Screens are used to display all reports within netPark Both screens are identical: The separate naming structure is used strictly for permission purposes. By allowing users to access only specific screens, you can limit the reports they have access to. Click the name of a report below see the breakdown of each report and what they do. Report Screen Company List – List of companies based on defined parameters The Company List allows users to generate a list of companies from within netPark Multiple variables can be set to narrow down the information contained in the report Generated reports can be in the following formats: PDFCSV (Excel)Working with the Company List Screen Company List ScreenVia the Main Menu click on Reports and then click Company List Include – These radio buttons allow users to select the types of companies displayed:ActiveDisabledAllSort by

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Track using the Audit Log

The netPark interface audits nearly everything that occurs within the system.
The Audit Log generates an audit report based on specific criteria defined by users, to allow in the research of system usage
Using the Audit Log, users can track changes made to tickets, rate codes that have been added or changed and monitoring system settings, just to name a few
Multiple variables can be set to narrow down the information contained in the report

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