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Adding FPP to Rates

This article will show you how to add FPP to you rates The primary way points accrue in the system are via Rates. Points are accrued based on the time spent on the lot. Rate codes, via their charges, can specify how many points should be given for the time spent on the lot. Per-Rate – Per hour/day/week/month – The ability to earn points based on time spent on the lot. Note: This is also considered a Rate-by-Rate basis.  To set this up: 1. Maintenance 2. Rates 3. Select the Rate 4. Under the charge section 5. Add amount in the FPP field  6. If you do not have this or want to add more, click Add new Charge 7. Click Save at the bottom right

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Adding FPP to Services

Service FPP Points  You can edit the FPP earned in the Service Maintenance screen. 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Select the service and add points To learn more about Services click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDeRTypqLyw&feature=youtu.be

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Understanding Services

Services can be any sort of extra service a location may offer. These can include oil changes, car washes or gas, just to name a few How to add a new Service 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Services 3. Click New Service Services are separated into 5 different classes. Classes are used to group services together and allow for quick the quick look up ofservices based on the class which they fall under.  The classes are: Wash, Oil, Gas, Detail, and Misc Services Search  Search Field – This field allows users to search for services based on their name # of Results Picker – User can select the number of results to display per page Search Tabs – User can filter the results by: All, Detail, Gas, Oil, Wash Misc Include Disabled – Checking this box allows disabled services to be returned in search results Services List – This link takes

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Taking Payments and Issuing Refunds

The Register Payment Screen is used to collect any sort of payment, outside of a ticket It is important to note: Payments taken that exceed the total amount being charged by more than $99.99, will be denied.  Example: If that total due is $10 and the cashier enters $150, it will deny the payment. 1. Click on Register. 2. Click Register Transaction. 3. Click the New Transaction button. 4. Select whether it is a Payment or a Refund. 5. Fill in the customer account by Name or Number if you are able. 6. Fill in all necessary information including the Subtotal, Payment type. 7. Lastly click the Green button in the bottom right to submit the payment or refund. Working with the Register Payment Screen Fields highlighted in Yellow are REQUIRED fields Customer – The customer the payment is being attached to Company – The company the payment is being attached to

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How to Log and Report Damage in the Damage Tracker

1. On the car image, click where the damage has occurred. 2. The Damage Information section becomes active and the severity level can be assigned. 3. You can choose between light, medium, and heavy.  4. Fill in the Notes and click a damage option specified. 5. Click Save then make your next selection or click Save and Exit.                                                                      Working with the Damage Tracker Screen Damage Tracker Screen From the Open Edit Ticket Screen click on the car image in the bottom right corner to be taken to the Damage Tracker Screen                                          

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Setting Up Custom Fees and Charges

This article explains the options list and how to create them. How to add Options: 1. Click on Maintenance. 2. Click on Options. 3. Click an existing option or click New Option on the top right. 4. Here you can select specific information like amounts, fees, and if it is mandatory. 5. You can even add it to a particular Parking Zone. You can also export the full list by clicking Options List or export to a csv file by clicking Export Results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu_92omn1ic&feature=emb_logo

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How to Send Logs

This is a guide on how to send logs from your devices. This will show you how to send logs from your HTK, CTK, and Uniterm devices. Uniterm – When you have issues with your payment system taking cards or frequent declines, you can send us logs for review. Then send an email to support@netpark.us  1. Open the netPark software 2. Click the menu button in the top right. It looks like 3 blue lines 3. Click send logs 4. Send an email to support@netpark.us to notify us of the issue in detail and notify us that you sent logs.  HTK – Below are instructions on how to send logs from an HTK 1. Insert the for the device and turn it until the key is vertical. It should also make a small click sound.  2. Select Program mode on the screen. 3. Use

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