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Conversion Process

netPark Pay is netPark’s new payment processing solution. As part of this rollout, netPark is working with our clients and their installers to get the HTK & CTK Self Park devices updated. This guide walks through the conversion kit as well as the process that an installer would need to run through in order to perform this conversion.

netPark Pay Conversion Kit

Hamilton Conversion kit for CTK/HTK with original insert (non-EMV) reader
Hamilton Conversion kit for CTK/HTK with original EMV reader
new netPark Pay Ingenico iUC-285 EMV card reader, with 2 required cables
Datacap TranCloud module with 2 required cables and power supply
  • 6′ USB Cable A/B Male: Power for Card Reader
  • iUC285 Mounting Bracket: Replaces Swipe bracket (excluded if EMV bracket already installed
  • 3′ (Green) Patch Cable: Network cable for Switch to Controller
  • 3′ (Red) Patch Cable: Network cable for Switch to DataCap Server
  • 5 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch: Used to
  • Power Harness: Power cable for Switch & DataCap devices
  • RJ12 to DB9 Cable: EMV Reader -> Datacap data cable (Part 1)
  • DB9 to Mini DIN: EMV Reader -> Datacap data cable (Part 2). Connects to RJ12/DB9 cable.
  • Necessary screws, nuts, self-adhesive mounting pads, and cord ties: Used for organizing the cables/devices
  • Hamilton Thumbdrive with Firmware updates

Network Requirements

Before beginning hardware swap, ensure that the network is properly configured as shown below, or the CC EMV terminal will not function. The EMV readers require additional ports to be configured before use. These ports are already documented in our System, Hardware and Network Requirements guide, but are listed here for brevity.
  • Outbound TCP 443 to “
  • Outbound TCP 443 to “
  • Outbound TCP 5080 to “
  • Outbound TCP 443 to “
Note: The TranCloud devices cannot be set with a static IP directly. They can be locked to an IP address via DHCP and a MAC Address. PDF – netPark Pay – Fullsteam Client CHD flow r3

Hardware Installation

This section details out the process of installing the conversion kit. Please follow this list carefully to ensure the best and easiest conversion.
Datacap Device ID Example
Datacap Device ID Example. Write down the ENTIRE PTxxxxxxxxxx value.
  1. Power down HTK/CTK
  2. (Important) Write down or take photo of “Device ID” from the back of Datacap Device
  3. Mount Datacap device to side using self-adhesive mounting pads (write down “Device ID” on back first)
  4. Mount Ethernet Switch to DIN Rail (if available)
  5. Disconnect the network cable from the controller and plug into the bottom port of switch
  6. Connect Green patch cable from second port from bottom to the controller
  7. Connect Red patch cable from third port from bottom to the Datacap Device
  8. Connect Power Harness to Switch, Datacap Device and plug into “Smart Harness” port on Power Supply
    CTK/HTK White Cable
    White Cable:
    Brown to V1-
    Yellow to V1+
    Black to Datacap
  9. Swap EMV Reader
  10. Connect 6′ USB A/B cable from EMV to the controller for power
  11. Connect RJ12 -> DB9 cable to EMV reader RJ12 port (Datacap instructions)
  12. Connect DB9 -> Mini DIN cable to RJ12 -> DB9 cable, then to Datacap device
  13. Power on HTK/CTK – Switch & Datacap Device should show power
  14. Put HTK in Administrative Mode and Login
  15. Insert Hamilton Thumbdrive and go to “Check for Updates”, install update from drive
  16. After reboot, go back into HTK Administrative Mode
  17. Go to Configuration -> System -> Cards -> Card Settings (tab) -> Under “Card Module”
  18. Change “Card Module” to “netPark Pay”; Save; Activate Changes; Exit Administrative Mode
  In netPark, register the “Device ID” of the Datacap Device in the netPark Pay Merchant Portal under Terminals
  1. In netPark -> Self Park, modify the HTK/CTK device (Gear Icon) and set the Cloud Terminal to the newly registered device  (*netPark Support will complete this portion remotely)
  2. Test a transaction at the device. Void transaction in netPark.
  3. You’re done!
#8. Wiring up the Switch to the power
#8. Wiring up the Switch to the power
#7 & #8. Wiring of Data Cap
#9. Wiring of EMV reader/the mounting plate
  Datacap QR

Datacap Status

The Datacap server manages the communication between the EMV reader and the backend server. On the back of the Datacap device is a QR code. When this code is scanned it directs to a website that shows the status of the device. This can be useful for troubleshooting issues with connectivity or functionality.    

Note on Voiding & Crediting

The netPark Pay Processing has a 1 day limitation for refunding payments taking via the Kiosk. Payments can only be refunded up until the batch is settled for the day. Once the batch has been settled you will need to get the credit card details from the customer again and process a refund via the Register Transactions screen.


TranCloud LED Indicators

The TranCloud unit has a helpful power indicator in the bottom left corner that illuminates to display various status codes.

TranCloud Indicator Light
Steady Indicator Light
Blinks Once per Second
Blinks Foure Times per Second
No Indicator Light

Remains On:

This means that your TranCloud unit successfully phoned home and is connected.

Blinks Once Per Second:

This means that the last attempt to phone home failed. If your unit is connected to the network and your unit still can’t phone home. Please verify that your internet connection is working.

If you have confirmed the internet connection is good, please contact netPark Support.

Blinks Four Times Per Second:

This means that there is not an application loaded to the device. Please unplug the device from power for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If the issue persists, please contact netPark Support

Won't Light Up:

This means that your TranCloud unit is not connected to power.

If your unit is connected to power, you have confirmed the power supply is working and the LED indicator on your unit still won’t light up, contact netPark Support for more information.

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