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Creating and Editing User Groups and Roles

This article will describe user groups and what permissions each comes with. It is important to have different types of accounts so that you can separate roles. There are some actions or reports you may not want an entry level or standard level employee to have access to. You can do this my setting different permission levels to different groups.  When a user is put into a group they get the permissions that are set to that group. To learn more about permissions click here. In order to edit groups: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Users 3. Click Groups 4. Click on a group to edit the permissions that come with that group or click on the green “New Group” button near the top right of the screen Suggested role types are:   Managers Administrators Accounting Cashiers Valet Custom Defining Roles:Administrator – This is the highest level of

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Adding Devices

Adding Devices into netPark Users that have either the desktop or mobile application will need to register the device within the netPark system. Ways to download the netPark application Call or email netPark support for the download link for the application. For mobile users, the netPark application is available from the Apple app store. Once the netPark application is downloaded, the user will receive an activation code that will be needed to be activated in the netPark system. Registering the activation code (UUID) The user can reach out to their supervisor and have the supervisor enter in the activation code. Call into netPark support and have one of the support staff enter in the activation code into the netPark system. Steps for adding a new device In netPark, go to the Maintenance menu. From here click the Access & Integrations option. In the upper

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