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Lot Full Maintenance & Inventory

                                                                                           Lot Full Maint aka Lot Full Maintenance The Lot Full Maintenance Screen allows users to configure a self-park locations maximum inventory for weekdays and weekends How to get to the Lot Full Maintenance screen: 1. Click on Maintenance 2. Next, click on the Lot Full Maintenance aka Lot Full Maint button  3. Select your Lot Status 4. Select the dates you need to be open or closed 5. Fill in the number of spaces you have available and the Override information as well The Lot Full Maintenance Screen allows users to remotely monitor a self-park location. These settings can

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Getting Started

How to adjust a ticket

There will be times where tickets are not properly closed when they were suppose to. To fix this, netPark has built in different options in the Close Ticket Screen that allow users to make adjustments.
There are many different reasons and ways to adjust tickets in the netPark interface.
Users may need to adjust the close date, open date, or due date. A ticket may not have been closed or a reservation may not have been added.

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