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The netPark interface allows locations to automatically send customers dynamically generated email messages.

  • These email messages are created by netPark.
  • Email content can be changed and edited.
  • How the emails are sent and used cannot be changed.
  • Emails are used to send different information to customers and users.
  • Email content can contain HTML.

Editing an Email Message

  1. From the dashboard, users will click on the Maintenance tab, then click on Email Messages. This will take users to the Email Messages Maintenance screen.
  2. Within this screen users will click on the Select Message tool to bring up a drop down with a list of the email messages netPark offers.
  3. Users will select the desired email, and users will be able to edit information about that Email Message.
  4. Users can put in whatever information they want in the email but netPark has pre-filled these emails that contain pertinent information to that email.
  5. To disable an email message, users can simply un-check the Active checkbox.

Working with Tags

  • The emails in netPark all have different tags that can be associated to them. These tags are created by netPark and pull certain information when put in the email.
  • These tags will be shown on the right under Allowable Tags after selecting the Email Message.
  • Note that if a tag is added, it must be in the form: [tag name] for the information to pull correctly.
  • Tags cannot be modified in anyway unless the field it is pulling from is changed.
  • Tags cannot be added to an email that does not have them available within that email.

Associating Survey to Email Message

  1. From the Dashboard users will need to go to Maintenance and click on the Email Messages button. This will take users to the Email Messages Maintenance screen.
  2. Within this screen, users will need to find the email that they want to associate the survey to.
    • Click on the Select Message and find an email that has (Customer, Active).
    • After clicking on the desired email, users will need to fill in the survey tag that was created when they survey was created.
  3. This tag is found in the Surveys section.
    1. Users will need to put the tag in as follows: [survey tagname]
  4. After putting in the survey tag, users will need to click the blue SAVE CHANGES button.

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