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Dynamic Rates

This article will explain the dynamic rate process, how to use it, and the options it offers to your rates A dynamic rate is a rate that can change when set variables created by you. This can be blacking out date ranges, changes the rate amount during an extended period of time, and can also be used to set the number of reservations each rate can be booked in the system. How to create a dynamic rate: 1. Click Maintenance 2. Click Reservation Rates 3. Choose the rate you want to edit in the drop down 4. Click the edit rate pencil 5. Then select the edit advanced options and dynamic rate pencil                                                   6.Click Add Dynamic Rate 7. Fill out

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Setting Up Custom Fees and Charges

This article explains the options list and how to create them. How to add Options: 1. Click on Maintenance. 2. Click on Options. 3. Click an existing option or click New Option on the top right. 4. Here you can select specific information like amounts, fees, and if it is mandatory. 5. You can even add it to a particular Parking Zone. You can also export the full list by clicking Options List or export to a csv file by clicking Export Results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu_92omn1ic&feature=emb_logo

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netPark Pay
Getting Started

Welcome to netPark Pay

netPark’s own integrated payment system provides a ton of functionality and features over our previous offering. This article serves as a simple introduction to netPark Pay as well as a link to all of the various articles associated with it.

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Email Messages Maintenance
Customer Messages

Customizing Emails

netPark sends out many emails as part of the standard PARCS experience. This article details how to find and customize the emails that are sent out in the system.

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The netPark Logo
Getting Started

Welcome to netPark

At the most basic level netPark is a cloud-based, point-of-sale system for the parking industry. Once you start digging in though you’ll realize we do so much more. We cover a whole range of features and functionality from the standard ticket-per-car inventory management to loyalty accounts, reservations, self park, surveys, recurring bill, etc. We strive to continuously improve our system and are always expanding our already large list of features.

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