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  • Make netPark the contact for all issues, whether they be for software support or payments
  • Integrated and automated reconciliation, to replace the tedious manual process that every company hates
  • Credit card statements will be available directly within the netPark System
  • Provides “level 3” integration without additional licensing costs
  • Reduce or eliminate current licensing costs for E2EE encrypted devices and EMV (Chip & PIN) terminals
  • Offer ACH processing for monthly or contract parking
  • Enhanced security by moving the credit cards currently tokenized within our existing payment application to the acquirer
  • Reduced PCI DSS scope
  • EMV terminal rental with next day replacement
  • Next day funding

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    There are many different aspects to netPark Pay. Each of these articles cover a different part and provide insights and guides on how to best utilize the system. If you’re just getting started with netPark Pay, please review the Frequently Asked Questions first.

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