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Getting setup in netPark

Before you can start using netPark, you need to get setup in it. Follow these basic guides as they walk you through getting our Desktop Application installed, getting access to netPark and configuring your location to begin processing payments.

  1. Verify that you meet the System, Hardware, and Network Requirements
  2. Begin the process of acquiring a merchant account for credit card processing
  3. Install the netPark Desktop Application
  4. Create some new users
  5. Read up on the basic into the netPark Interface
  6. Setup your first rate
  7. Create your first test ticket
  8. Review system settings to configure global settings
  9. Review location settings and fill out all contact details
  10. Learn about all of the reporting in netPark


We pride ourselves on our fast and responsive support. There are a number of ways that you can contact the netPark support team to get answers for your problem. However, before you contact us, please review our guides to see if your question or problem has already been documented or explained. netPark provides 3 primary ways of support:

  • Email: support@netpark.us
    • Email is available anytime during the day for any request.
    • Standard response time for emails is between 15 minutes and 4 hours.
    • Emails that are critical will be reviewed and responded to as quickly as possible.
  • Phone: Toll-free (833) 638-7275, Local (614) 866-2495
    • Regular support is available 10AM-6PM Eastern
    • Emergency support is available 24/7 for the following situations only:
      • netPark cannot be reached or is running excessively slow
      • Cannot process credit card payments
      • Reservation/Loyalty website is down
      • Self Park devices are unresponsive or offline
      • Note: Calls will be returned within 30 to 60 minutes.
      • Note: All other calls will still be reviewed. A call back will be at the discretion of the on-call tech.
  • Support: https://support.netpark.us
    • Always available
    • Submit tickets and track the response to existing tickets
      • If you have an existing email chain with us, use your email and the ticket number in the email subject to view ticket here.
    • Register an account to see all previous tickets
    • Reviews guides and FAQs to get details answers and explanations

Development & Upgrades

netPark is in a constant state of development and improvement. At any given time we are actively working on 3-4 large projects and several small ones. Our overall release cycle is therefore dependent on the completion of these projects and the delivery times of our custom development projects. New major versions are typically released every 3-4 months. Due to custom projects, we’ll typically release 5-6 total updates over the course of the year.

All updates to the netPark system are free. There are usually 2-3 versions running at a time – 1 beta and 2 stable versions. Unless requested otherwise, all locations will be slowly migrated over to newer stable versions after enough testing has been done to verify they are stable for general use. Beta versions contain new features, but are more likely to contain bugs.

Custom Development

While netPark is very expansive and full of features, there are times when you may come across a workflow that you wish you had or custom reporting that we don’t provide by default. In these situations, you can request that we do custom work. There’s never a charge just to request a feature, but there’s no guarantee the feature will be added into our system in any reasonable time. We often have several months worth of projects already scheduled and if your particular feature does not align with our plans it may be months or years before it gets implemented. If you wish to have the feature sooner, you can pay for custom development. We do development in a few different tiers:

  • Tasks, Adjustments and Fixes – These are mini-projects that we can do to simplify your life. Typically these involve mass changes to your database, tweaks to reports or printable tickets, or small adjustments to a flow.
    • Cost: $150 per hour
    • Project time: 30 minutes to 5 hours
    • Typical delivery: Hours to Weeks
  • Standard Development – Any size change within the netPark system. This covers the medium and large projects. Most projects fall under this tier.
    • Cost: $150 per hour
    • Project time: 5+ hours
    • Typical delivery: 90+ days
  • Expedited Development – Projects that can be done in less than 40 hours can be expedited. These projects will be completed far more quickly at a greater cost.
    • Cost: $350 per hour
    • Project time: 5 hours to 40 hours
    • Typical delivery: 45+ days
  • Bug Fixes / Problem Resolution – There are no charges for issues that were caused by bugs in the netPark software as long as the software was used in the expected manner. If you run into any issues, please contact support to bring them to our attention. If you have any questions on if a particular workflow may not be expected or could cause problems, please contact support to discuss before implementing.

Contact us!

Phone Hours
(833) 638-7275
Monday – Friday: 10AM to 6PM EST
Emergency Support – 24/7 for business critical functions

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Please use this form to contact us with any non-emergency comments, problems or inquiries. Be sure to provide details. If this is an emergency or requires immediate assistance, please call netPark Emergency Support.