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Datacap TranCloud LED Indicators

The Datacap TranCloud unit has a helpful power indicator in the bottom left corner that illuminates to display various status codes.

TranCloud Indicator Light
Steady Indicator Light
Blinks Once per Second
Blinks Foure Times per Second
No Indicator Light

Remains On:

This means that your Datacap TranCloud unit successfully phoned home and is connected.

Blinks Once Per Second:

This means that the last attempt to phone home failed. If your unit is connected to the network and your unit still can’t phone home. Please verify that your internet connection is working.

If you have confirmed the internet connection is good, please contact netPark Support.

Blinks Four Times Per Second:

This means that there is not an application loaded to the device. Please unplug the device from power for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If the issue persists, please contact netPark Support

Won't Light Up:

This means that your unit is not connected to power.

If your unit is connected to power, you have confirmed the power supply is working and the LED indicator on your unit still won’t light up, contact netPark Support for more information.

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