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The FPP System is extremely flexible and allows customers to earn points for an amount or days off of a future reservation. This article will show you how to setup your Frequent Parker Program. This includes, configuring and setting expiration.

Before the FPP system can be utilized, it must be configured. There are several options for earning and redeeming points. These articles with briefly walk you through each aspect:

Configuring FPP for Rates – Learn how to add points to rates to be earned for parking stays

Configuring FPP for Services – Learn how to add points to services to be earned for parking stays

Creating FPP Coupons – Learn how to create coupons that can be used to redeem points for parking days.

Redeeming Points – Learn how customers redeem points

Redeeming FPP from clients – Learn how to get setup so customers can redeem points through a 3rd party

Frequent Parker Points Log – A report detailing FPP changes to a customers account

How to setup your FPP: 

1. Click Maintenance

2. Click System Settings

3. Click Customers 

4. Click FPP

FPP Point Settings Screen

First you need to figure out how you want customers to earn points

Global Settings – Per Dollar/Stay

If you want points earned based on every dollar spent or per stay, the first step is setting these
values up. 

1. Maintenance

2. System Settings

3. Customer

4. FPP 

Select one of the following options:

FPP Per Stay Earnings – Grants defined FPP amount per stay. Overrides “FPP Per Dollar” and standard FPP calculation

FPP Per Dollar Earnings – Grants defined FPP amount per dollar of grand total. Overrides standard FPP calculation

FPP Per Dollar Redemption – Allows admin to assign FPP points per dollar to be used for coupon redemption

Inactive FPP Expire Threshold – Will expire all FPP for accounts that have not been active for a given number of months

Active FPP Expire Threshold – Expires FPP after a period in months for accounts that have been active within the amount of months stated in the “Inactive FPP Expire Threshold” setting

Advance FPP Expire Notice – Sends an email a given number of months in advance of points expiring

FPP Per Dollar on Net – This setting applies to the Net instead of the default of the Grand Total

Exclude Services from FPP Per Dollar on Net – The FPP Per Dollar setting will only calculate on the Parking Subtotal, it will exclude
money from Services

Note: Make sure you save your changes

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